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    For Diploma (EE/INS/EEE)

                (Click on the above link if you are looking for Diploma EE/INS/EEE coaching for APDCL/ SSC JE/RRB and other Competitive Exams.)

    For B.E/B.Tech (EE/INS/EEE)

                (Click on the above link if you are looking for B.E/B.Tech EE/INS/EEE coaching for APDCL/ SSC JE/RRB and other Competitive Exams.)

    For Diploma (EE/INS/EEE)

                 (Click on the above link if you are looking for Diploma Mechanical coaching for APDCL/ SSC JE/RRB and other Competitive Exams.) 

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    Good news! Ontogenesys Automation has brought to you, the most awaited facility Onto Employment Service. Now you can apply for any Job   at/through Ontogenesys Automation just by filling up this form. We’ll select you based on your key skill and other qualification for any relevant job   available with us ( may be at Ontogenesys or in any other partner Industry Pan India).

  You will get the notification for any vacancies (Govt /PSU/Private) through WhatsApp/e-mail. No matter if you are a professional or a fresh student,       just fill up the form and get world class service, completely free of cost.

 NB: It’s a completely free service. We don’t take any money for any kind of Jobs.

Employers Zone:

Good news! Ontogenesys Automation has brought to you the most awaited facility ‘Onto Employment Service’.

Now you can post your vacancies / hiring for any Job through Onto Employment Service for free of cost just by filling up this form. We’ll select the best skilled/trained candidates for you as per your requirement and will send you the CVs of screened candidates only.

We are providing this platform to help both industry and candidates. We are simply providing the bridge between deserving candidates and industry.
NB: It’s a completely free service. We don’t take any money from candidates nor from the employer.

No matter, how big or small company you are, just fill up the form and get world class service, completely free of cost.

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Review Section:



 Our primary objective is to increase the productivity of our country by increasing the positivity among the human resources and making them skilled.  We are dedicated to providing utile training to fresh engineers in various fields such as power, paper, oil & gas, FMCG, automation, etc., and making them adroit in relevant fields. We also provide training to the working professionals to improve their skill and contribute to enhance the work efficiency of every individual along with the improvement of overall efficiency of any industry hence enhancing the productivity of the whole country. We are committed to provide placement assistance to the trained skilled candidates.



As we all know, only 7% technical graduates are employable in India and most of the technical students become rudderless after completion of B.E. / B.Tech / Diploma.
How can a nation grow by producing such a massive unskilled unemployable engineer? Based on this huge unemployed unskilled young technical diploma/degree holders across the state as well as country and the present scenario of lack of skilled manpower in core industries like power sector/ paper industry/ cement / oil sector etc. and also, realizing the need and demand of skilled manpower in industries, we have stepped forward to contribute our best possible towards modern industries.




Addressing the gap between academic learning and practical application, our training bridges the divide for both fresh graduates and working professionals. Traditional educational settings often lack industrial exposure, leaving graduates ill-prepared for real-world scenarios. Scarce guidance from experienced colleagues compounds the issue, resulting in reduced efficiency.

Our programs offer a solution by acquainting participants with core industrial processes, equipment, and essential technical concepts. This equips them with practical skills, fortifying their technical abilities. Unlike conventional methods like summer training or brief industrial visits, our approach ensures a comprehensive understanding and readiness to tackle challenges. This not only benefits individuals but also enhances organizational effectiveness, contributing to overall national growth.




Academic institutions lay the foundational groundwork for budding minds, while ‘Ontogenesys Automation’ takes them a step further by cultivating skills that transform them into valuable national assets. Our modules go beyond traditional technical studies, drawing from years of personal practical experience. Designed to meet current and future industrial demands, these modules consider candidates’ learning capacities.

Our faculty comprises highly qualified and experienced professionals in their respective fields. What sets us apart is our holistic approach — we don’t just focus on isolated components; we instill a comprehensive understanding of the entire process through practical examples, simulations, and troubleshooting strategies. This ensures participants are well-prepared for real-world challenges. Our commitment extends beyond training; we empower individuals to excel in the practical battlefield, enhancing their worth to the nation.




  1. Diverse Industry Exposure: Upon completing our training, participants unlock opportunities across diverse sectors such as Automation, Steel, Power, Paper, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Fertilizer, Refinery, and FMCG.

  2. Crystal-Clear Engineering Insight: Our training imparts participants with a comprehensive grasp of fundamental engineering principles and specialized branches, fostering a robust knowledge base.

  3. Multifaceted Skill Development: Our program adopts a multifaceted approach, elevating participants’ competitiveness and honing their prowess to excel in various industry dimensions.

  4. Holistic Growth: Participants cultivate both strong technical analytical abilities and professional personalities. This holistic development readies them to make effective contributions across industries.

  5. Guaranteed Placement Support: We stand by our commitment with 100% placement support, ensuring participants find meaningful placements that match their skill set and aspirations.



To impart the required skill set and to make the participant ready to work for different industries, we follow four basic steps:

  1. Focusing on Focus: If the processor is slow or if it is busy with unnecessary multiple commands then the desired output cannot be achieved, doesn’t matter how much advanced and faster peripherals are connected to it. WE FOCUS ON OUR TRAINEE’S FOCUS.
  2. Concept Building: Developing solid conceptual understanding is crucial for technical engineers. It forms the bedrock of their expertise.
  3. Skill Building: Equipping technical engineers with strong skill-building is paramount for securing core industry jobs. It serves as the catalyst to their success. Our training ads more value to your CV and help you in getting the right job. First 5 years of your career decide your next 50 years. You deserve a better a better Career and better Life.
  4. Attitude Building: Cultivating a professional attitude is essential. It is a prerequisite for success.



Since 2013 Ontogenesys has trained more than 4000 engineers in India and abroad who are working in different Govt. & PSU organizations across the globe.


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