Nasim Nizar Mazumder


  • 13 Year's of Experience in Tharmal Power Plant, Instrumentation, Automation
  • Power Plant Professional cum Engineering Consultant
  • Faultfinder & Troubleshooter
  • Motivational speaker
  • CEO cum Trainer at Ontogenesys Automation

Message from CEO

The world is for those who already have something. No body cares for those who are poor; poor in all aspects. Even most of the parents love more or care more for the child who is more intelligent. Society pays their respect to the rich. Banks provide loan to them who has enough wealth.

The result or out come is ‘rich become more rich and the poor are fighting to survive. The students who already understand the subject, the teacher pays more attention to them and the others even afraid to ask a question.

We believe, no body wants to stay backward and every body has the right to come in to the lime light. It is just the matter of proper direction and proper guidance